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Digital High-efficcient Multi-function Electric Pizza Oven

Main Parameter


·Voltage: 380V/50Hz

·Power: 14KW

·Size: 1210x810x580mm



·Voltage: 380V/50Hz


·Size:1210 x 810 x 1245mm

Main Features

·Luxurious and good looking,Australia style door handle,big door with glass which it is convenient to see the procession of baking and avoiding open the door frequently to saving the energy.Large Chamber,each deck can cook 4 pcs of 12 inch pizza or 6 pcs 10 inch pizza;

· With digital menory control panel,easy operation,convenient use,setting 9 kinds of different menu.Witht the function indication of LIGHT,TIME,ALARM AND TROUBLE.It can make different kinds of pizza,bread,and cake;

·  Wide range of the temperature control,also with temperature maintain function. Accurate thermostat,high temperature resistant pizza stone which insure that the temperature of the oven equably and high efficient for saving 50% compared with other similar oven

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