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Luxurious Digital Electric Fr yer

Main Parameter


·Voltage: 220V

·Power: 3W

·Size: 280x535x365mm



·Voltage: 220V

·Power: 6KW

·Size: 580x535x365mm

Main Features

·Innovative Smart Control panel.Adopted import electronic component.4 type different program.

· Setting time and temperature widely.Easy operation

· Advantage of control panel is explosion proof,water proof,fire proof,oil proof.Fit for CE standard and National safety Standard

· High efficiency,big range heating area,fast heating speed,cooking more repidly Micro digital control,temperature and time control accurately

· Body use high quality stainless steel,streamline shape oil cover.Good looking appearance.Easy to clean.Fit for the stanard of sanitation

· Strong Packing,use strong carton and high density foam

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