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Digital Multi-function Pizza Oven

Main Parameter


·Voltage: 220V / 50Hz

·Power: 3KW

·Size: 1000x630x445mm



·Voltage:220V / 380V / 50Hz

·Power: 6KW

·Size: 1000x630x775mm

Main Features

·The inner is made of stainless steel,durable to use for long;

· Using high-quality heater,individual to use,energy-saving;

· Novelty design,high-quality stainless body,visible window,clear glance at baking process;

· Equipped with double temperature control,adjust the appropriate two-layer temperature independantly with the timing function,light inside,the operation is simple and convenient,making the baked products shiny;

· Wide range of application,multipurpose baking bread,pasta,pizza and food. Single layer oven fits for commercial and household use.Multiple-layer fits for commercial use,to meet the use of different food baking.

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