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Company profile
Wibur Company profile

Guangzhou Wibur Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer with big scale in South China, specialized in manufacturing Baking Equipment, Western Kitchen re Equipment, Food Processing Equipment, Chinese Kitchen Equipment and Water Drinking Equipment. we Have Advanced production equipment and technology, also we insist in product quality and after-sales service. With high start point, Wibur has introduced and absorbed the foreign advanced technology and quality control management. All the products are precisely manufactured and have awarded the national patent on industrial design with unique appearance. Wibur product obtained the Electric heating equipment production license, European Union "CE" quality certification,"RoHS" environmental protection certification. Wibur equipments have reached the national quality standard as the products with core technology and highest value for clients.

Wibur have an aim for sustainable development and innovation. We insist in quality and integrity as business belief. Also we share the faith with distributor and user:"we innovate together, we create together, we develop together and we share together." Wibur get more and more customer because we insist the attitude that "we inspire other with the heart, we treat other with courtesy and we are believed with quality". And also Wibur believe that we can succeed only when our customers succeed. We do our best in high quality control and trustful operation, so we get more than 1000 loyal customers both in domestic and abroad. With the consideration of future and development, we provide advanced products with high value for the global food processing and bakery equipment industry and kitchen equipment industry. 

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