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Guangzhou Wilbur Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale professional company in South China, which produces baking electric equipment, western kitchen electric equipment, Chinese kitchen electric equipment, food machinery equipment and drinking water electric equipment. It has high-end equipment, high-end technology, and adheres to product quality and after-sales service. It is born with high starting point, absorption and introduction of advanced technology and quality management at home and abroad The products are all exquisitely carved by Wilbur people, and have obtained the national patent for their unique industrial design. Wilbur brand products have obtained the license of electric heating equipment production issued by the state, EU "CE" quality certification and environmental protection "RoHS" certification. Wilbur products have reached the national quality standards, and become the core and most valuable products of customers.

Wilbur has always been committed to innovation and sustainable development, adhere to the integrity and quality as the core business approach, we adhere to the principle of sharing with distributors and users: "we jointly innovate, create, develop and share results". Wilburs attitude of "moving people with feelings, treating people with courtesy and trusting people with quality" has moved all customers. At the same time, Wilbur has its own chance of success by making people have the road to success. It has won the loyalty of more than 1000 domestic and foreign distributors and many users with high quality, honest operation and service guarantee. Wilbur people focus on the future and make efforts again to provide high-end products with more era value for the global catering industry and food baking equipment industry.


R & D

Wilbur has a number of professional R & D teams, forming a set of strict product development process. Products from market research, design, material selection, processing to testing process are strictly implemented in accordance with national standards, to ensure that the market demand can be met as much as possible.

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